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"Pretty soon we're pulling in and people are lining up and screaming for Mork and Mindy. Our lives changed so fast."And where would Mork and Mindy be today?

Pam Dawber hasn't had an acting credit to her name in 14 years, but she's returning to TV for Mork -- er, Robin Williams.

Dawber, look at you," he says."It's like when you have an old friend and it doesn't matter if you haven't seen each other for a week or a year, to walk in and see Robin and reconnect with him was really like that," she says.

Instead, she teases, "If people want to see Mork and Mindy together, they're going to see Mork and Mindy together. I really wanted to stay home and raise my kids." She also didn't want the responsibility of series television.

On the show, Dawber played Mindy Mc Connell to Robin Williams’s Mork from Ork, a space alien sharing an apartment with Dawber’s character.

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