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I mean, any of you who have experienced a lot of massages will know what I mean. Normally it is 3-4 sessions, some trust developed before anyone new gets to that part. She spent quite a long time doing that, then she leaned forward, reached down to the top of my thighs and let her hands drift upwards. But no longer wanting to cuddle and hug and sleep in your spouse's arms, or at least within arms reach in the same bed?There is touch, then good touch, and then there is some kind of energy thing that is magic. Even when we got to the turn over part, which often comes a bit too early or a tad too late, her timing was perfection. Her fingertips trickled lightly up over my testicles and penis, which was now standing up off my body, fully rigid. That to me is a pretty stark indictment of the coolness and distance of the relationship.Then, I saw the new ad, it was on that back page site that I had been checking out.

Of course it pays to be cautious there, because one never knows what might show up.

But every once in awhile, one turns out to be a keeper.

So, getting close to going nuts, one Saturday I made an excuse, went down to a place I knew of. That became a twice a month thing for me, I did tell the wife I was getting "rubdowns" and she did not react at all since I told her how it helped with the aches and pains, and with my circulation and all of that. It will help keep you healthy." She came over, kissed me on the cheek and that was that.

I got my body washed, pampered, a dandy hand job and I went home all happy and comfortable. I had figured she would have a conniption fit at the idea of some other female rubbing my bare body, but she didn't.

Can't say I minded one bit, I was proud of her very snug and athletic body, so that stuff was a turn on for me too. Next it was drab blouses and slacks, she got her long hair cut shorter and quit bothering to dye it.

Grandma live sex chat

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