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“There was a project that I worked on for a little while that had a MAV [not for an astronaut to fly in], and we were messing with the idea of not using a nose cone to launch something into Mars orbit from the Martian surface.I’m sure people have looked into launching a MAV without a perfectly aerodynamic shape because of the low atmospheric pressure on Mars.

I’m not entirely sure that it wouldn’t work.”Even with a change of course from Hermes, the crew isn’t quite close enough to grab Watney, so he cuts a hole in the glove of his suit and uses the escaping pressure to “fly like Ironman.”“You can have small portions of your body touching space for relatively long amounts of time,” says Burger.

“Once, a guy on a spacewalk had a cut in his suit, and his skin got stuck to the outside of the spacesuit and was touching the vacuum of space. But if you did that to your glove, your palm would get sucked to the hole and seal it up pretty fast.

Even Pathfinder, the Martian lander that Watney digs up to communicate with Earth, looks exactly like the real probe that was launched to Mars in the mid-1990s.

America in the 1960s was a land of tumult and transformation.

It would have been a problem, but I don’t think it would have gone flying.”After bouncing around inside the blown-away decompression chamber, Watney’s faceplate cracks.

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