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Some parenting-related websites include current “teen slang” dictionaries to assist parents in having effective conversations with teens.

In short, keep a clear head and a calm demeanor and continue to learn about their world.

For anyone age 18 or older who has not already attended Sessions in English Please pre-register for the session at least 5 days in advance of the scheduled date, at the phone number provided. Since then, locally trained facilitators have been conducting these 3-hour training sessions in various locations throughout the diocese.

for Adults (PGC) in our diocese in October, 2003, many clergy, employees, and volunteers throughout the diocese were trained by a VIRTUS representative over a period of three days.

Find out the criteria used to rate movies, television, video games, and song lyrics so that you can make sure your child is not inadvertently being exposed to sexually explicit material without your knowledge.

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