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“The sea, the majestic sea, breaks everything, cleans everything, crushes everything, takes everything from me.”It’s an enchanting, mature collection, which ebbs and flows through loss of love and memories of happiness, both a reflection of Bailey Rae’s emotional turmoil as well as a celebration and an acceptance that the show goes on.

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The singer’s original success came on the back of a sweetly effervescent pop personality stylishly delivering great tunes.

She was hardly the typical pop princess, though, nor the wasted wannabe.

When she returned to performing with the latest album, Bailey Rae decided to hold meet and greets before shows.

It was here she first noticed the abundance of young black girls coming to see her.“It was such a buzz to hear their stories about me; how they got into the music, what it meant to them over the years.

Rather her fresh and accessible jazz-soul style had genuine mainstream appeal, across the ages. Now those trademark soft girly ringlets have been usurped by a spiralling afro, giving her an assured, mature look in tune with her growth in age and experience. The music is richer, more intense, the moods more introspective and reflective.

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